The STAR Program is an outpatient treatment program dealing with Sexual Trauma, Addiction, and Recovery for all persons regardless of sexual orientation, race, or culture who find themselves unable to cope with their life due to the consequences of sexual trauma or offending and/or addictive sexual behavior.

1) CONSEQUENCES OF SEXUAL TRAUMA may include: reexperiencing the trauma; persistent avoidance or numbing of general responsiveness; difficulty with sleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating, hypervigilance, exaggerated startle response, suicidal preoccupation, risk taking, amnesia, adverse physical symptoms, alterations in self-perception, alterations in perception of the perpetrator, alterations in relations with others, and alterations in systems of meaning.

2) OFFENDING behavior includes: child molestation; voyeurism; exhibitionism; frotteurism; public masturbation or lewd acts; rape and sexual assault; child pornography; obscene phone calls/letters; violations of professional boundaries; sexual harassment.

3) ADDICTIVE behavior includes: compulsive masturbation; pornography; multiple affairs and one-night stands; prostitutes, escorts, and sexual massage; sex and love addiction; cybersex; phone sex; cross-dressing; sadomasochism; fetishism.

All sex offenders are not sex addicts, and all sex addicts are not sex offenders. However, due to the nature of addiction, which leads to increased tolerance and compulsivity, the addiction oftentimes escalates into sexual offending behavior, especially in the case of cybersex. The treatment for this sexually addictive and compulsive behavior is therefore integrated into the treatment for the sex offender.